Center for Professional Education

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Center for Professional Education

A Focal Point for Faculty and Students

The Center helps Mines catalyze efforts in Professional Education by,

  • providing an organization for  faculty and staff with a passion in Professional Education to work together,
  • providing a recognizable means to seek external support, and
  • allowing Mines to effectively advertise and support Professonal Education to current and perspective students, recruiters and funding agencies.

Students acquire new skills either through coursework or through one-on-one interactions with faculty. Course curricula is usually dominated by disciplinary courses. It is assumed that students develop the non-disciplinary skills needed to be successful researchers primarily through their interactions with faculty. Sometimes this happens, often times, however, these non-disciplinary skills are not effectively conveyed to students. In order to help young researchers better prepare themselves, the Colorado School of Mines has founded the Center of Professional Education.

The Center coordinates educational activities that include,

The Center brings together faculty dedicated to educating graduate students who are well prepared for the workforce. The Center acts as a nucleus for writing proposals to support initiatives for professional education, including new methods of delivery. Activities of the Center are not only directed toward helping graduate students, but also toward providing assistance and support to faculty so they may become better student advisors.


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